Requesting Removal from Google Maps Street View

I came across a blog post descibing the process someone went through to try and get a photo of themselves removed from Street view. You can read the full article detailing the removal request here.

I shouldn’t be surpised, but I’m getting lots of feedback on Street View. Wait until this mashup gets mashed up some more. The possibilities are endless.



More Google Maps Street View Examples

I’ve had a few people ask me for specific examples, so I will point you to the Top 15 Google Street View Sightings on Mashable.

I’ve read comments on a few news site and blogs where lots of people are saying “who cares” and “big deal” about Google Maps Street View. I understand where they are coming from, you’re not seeing anything that can’t be seen in the background of any casual photo. The obvious difference is the scale.

I don’t think anyone is suggesting that the world will suddenly implode because of Street View, however I do think that any technology that raises privacy concerns need to be discussed. It’s healthy to debate and this is undoubtedly a powerful implementation of technology.



Google Maps Street View

There’s been a lot of recent discussion about Google Maps Street View, and with good reason.

There’s no doubt about Street View being jaw dropping technology, I for one have spent a good deal of time testing its capabilities. If you haven’t seen Street View yet, go to Google Maps (must be the US site, not and try it out.

Google Maps Street View

There have already been several mainstream media articles with all sorts of interesting stories on what has been captured. I’ll leave finding examples of stories as an exercise for the reader, but here is one to get you started, courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald:

Some individuals are quite concerned about what Google Maps “Street View” allows you to do, but for now here are few of my observations:

  • The imagery isn’t real-time
  • You can easily make out individuals and objects

(please email webmaster @ this site to correct me if I’m wrong, I’ve only just had time to look at it)

Make up your own mind, but in contrast, here are a few golden rules that security folk follow (mainly for legal reasons) when installing certain security monitoring systems:

  • Camera and Camera Housings must be clearly visible
  • Clearly display signage that communicates surveillance is being conducted

I have no doubt we’ll hear a lot more about Street View, so stay tuned.



The Australian Do Not Call Register

Staring this month, Australians can now register on a national federal government “Do Not Call Register” to stop unwanted calls from telemarketers.
The Australian Do Not Call Register Logo

According to various reports, around 1 million numbers were registered within the first week. You can find more information at the following website:



Privacy Workshop

SAGE-AU Victorian Chapter Meeting: “Privacy Workshop”- Tuesday 8th May 2007

DATE: Tuesday 8th May 2007

TIME: 7:00 PM till 8:00 PM

Ground Floor Tutorial Room, Baillieu Library The University of Melbourne - Parkville


AGENDA: “Privacy Workshop”

Given the positive feedback from last month’s “Spam Open Forum”, the SAGE-AU VIC exec decided to use a similar format and hold what should be another interesting meeting. This month the topic is “privacy”.

Like it or not, a vast array of potential privacy issues lay waiting for many IT professionals. All system administrators need to be aware of the ethical and legal issues surrounding the proper handling of data as well as educating users and protecting their privacy. We will cover privacy legislation, policy writing, examine case studies and host an open forum for general discussion. Come along and share your experiences with your fellow local SAGE-AU members.

WEB: See for more info.